Friday, August 17, 2012

Justin Moon


The first time I took his jazz dance class.. we started with the warm up and I said to myself
"This man can MOVE! YEEEES!" lol
His spirit is sooo bright, he's full of life...
and all of that is enhanced even more so when you see how he dances.
He is certainly going through a rough patch with his health.. which is saddening, but he doesn't need the weight of emotions from people surrounding him to be negative.
So instead, I will be uplifting :]

Justin, you know how much I love getting my LIFE in your class lol it was so humbling to know that you saw something special in me when I danced.. it meant the world to me and motivated me more than ever to practice harder in my jazz technique.
I've been too busy working lately, but I'm starting to make more time for it..
--with that being said, with every grande battement, every pirouette (no less than a double honey... ow!), every jazz walk, and each, and every pointed toe...
I will be dancing with you in mind
Hopefully I can channel some of your technique too lol
with LOVE.
Hurry up and get better... you have dance classes to teach and people to train ;]