Monday, May 14, 2012

Quarter 25th !

     To start my amazing birthday, Ayan took me to this super cool restaurant called Escorpion..
talk about good stuuuff!!

 FIRST OF ALL: I do not even drink, yet this woman was tryin ta get me loooose lol.
I made myself take a few sips and it was just too much for me lol
hence, why I dont drink :] She had no problem finishing it lol
 We ordered a few things and shared it all :] octopus, fish tacos, and fruit salad which was spicy!

Dang I need to get another iphone.. look at that photo quality! lol.. mine got wet a couple of months ago :[

Long heart to heart chats over food.. the beauty.

 Sweetface came over with flores para miiii :]
      Blurry and all smiles.
     He just had to take the picture when I was laughing lol..

Spot something funny about this cake photo.. lol!!

Hung out with Nate and Dom on my birthday night.
Nate looks pretty hungry hahaa

 Trying not to laugh while eating.. unsuccessful

 Karoke Night! Man that was a funnyyy night with the guys. Of course nate had me dancing in front of those people lol

 ChiChi took me out to eat at Houston's! Ohhh man.. I was completely FLOORED.

 Grilled artichoke yum yum yum

 Grab cakes for me and sashimi tuna for her.. both were grand!
 The quality of the food was a 12 on a scale of 1-10 lol. Now I see why people always talk about Houston's as such a big thing..
 You know I had to get dessert lol


I did more than what I posted about,
which is very shocking being that I originally started my day without any plans lol.
I went shopping for once lol.. mingled with old buddies from Savannah, created more Love, and danced the night away
Tomorrow will be 1 week since my big 25th birthday.. and I couldnt ask for more.

Loved Whole-Heartly.