Saturday, February 11, 2012

on the note of Black History..

"I am very disturbed by the disrespect and ignorance I have seen regarding black history/black history month. Yes, I am black. No, I am not disturbed only because I am black. It is such a shame that Americans do not know what black people in this country went through and continue to go through. Racism will never end bec...ause the racist infrastructure keeps people ignorant-by choice. We learn about all these insignificant people and dates in U.S. history class from 1st grade to first year of college, but never once is Angela Davis, Tubman or Malcolm X or Phyllis Wheatley, DuBois, Carmicheal, Gordon Parks, Booker T, Douglas, and there are sooo many more. How can you have compassion for a people that you have no understanding of the HELL they endured coming to this country and then for centuries thereafter? I want to blame the educational system, but I cannot anymore. Adults in this technological age must take full responsibility for the ignorance they participate in. We walk around with encyclopedias in our pockets everyday. Educate yourself on something other than who some celebrity is divorcing or what some chick wore to some awards ceremony that has NO impact on your reality. Teach your children where they came from so that they can UNDERSTAND the problems we face today in our society. The first thing a psychologist or doctor does is get a history on a patient. It's real hard to diagnose or treat a patient without it. A culture/society is no's just bigger and a lot more complicated. This government ACTIVELY KILLED and tortured peaceful black and white leaders that believed in equality. This government ALLOWED thousands of innocent black children, men and women to be killed publicly and privately for the sheer enjoyment and display of hatred by white america before , during and AFTER formal slavery. This COUNTRY actively destroyed the culture, traditions, and family structure of black people....YET still WE RISE, AND YES I am PROUD. I think EVERYONE that calls themself an "American" SHOULD BE proud. Everyone that claims to love this country because this country would not be what it is without BLACK people, and the other peoples of color that worked tirelessly day in and day out and gave their lives (voluntarily and involuntarily) in the white mans wars where countless innocent people were killed as well. (yes, I said it) Our (and I mean AMERICAN) struggles, hardships, and our history is what defines who we are. It can not and should not be ignored or diluted down to a superficial month of commercials and movie showings on TBS. It should be integrated into our daily discussions ...into our curriculum..This is so upsetting. Racism and voluntary ignorance is unpatriotic. Let's talk about that." -Alex Bodkin