Friday, October 19, 2012

Just a few photos from this past week

This weekend will make one month since I two-strand twisted my hair to start my locks.
I'm thinking that it will be mostly locked by Dec. :fingers crossed:
My oldest sister Sereda put some cute beads into my hair

    ChiChi came to visit me at my job
and of course I started laughing during the photo


 Then we went to TacoMac and ordered a little of everything the next night lol.
Latenight laughs over food <3 p="p">
 then little Robin and I had a dinner date :]
We had such a great time.. haven't seen her in forever..

And this is where I am with my hair now. It isn't horribly frizzy yet.. but thats because I have yet to wash it. Tomorrow is my hair wash day and im sure it'll be nice and frizzy then lol..

OH! Anyone that knows me, always take notice to my nails.. I have a serious nail polish collection
This nail polish changes colors in the sun!
Got it from Urban Outfitters for freakin TEN dollars.. at least its cool though lol.

I've been trying to post more but Blogspot sucks. I would like to which to wordpress (I think) but I dont wanna lose my blog posts? I will figure this out in the near future..

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