Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Chapter: HAIR

So I've been natural for 7 years.. the short stage was so brief because my hair grew so fast.  I've done every hairstyle (except for straightening it) up, down, twistouts, twisted, afro, braided, dyed it so many colors... so what now?
My hair just keeps growing.. and I'm ready for something NEW. I've been tempted to chop it off again.. but I figured, since I have so much hair maybe I should let it grow for now.
But.. I've been seeing lots of long pretty braids, I'd like to have those but I know good and well I'm not gonna put weave in my hair. I'd much rather grow my own hair.
I'm thinking about locking it for some years, just to say that I experienced having locks.
(I know your mouth dropped lol..)
Some people are already telling me no just because they dont like them lol.. People have such a negative view on them.. I don't understand why really.. its just HAIR! Others are just gonna miss my big hair.. As I will tooooo :tear: lol I can grow another one though!

side note: Most people that know me are all for it :] --aside from that, had I listened to everyone telling me what to do with my hair, I wouldnt even be natural today!

I keep going back and forth trying to talk myself out of it.. but I'm sure I do want to experience this, and I become more and more sure when I see photos like these:


 (my oldest sister used to have locks too)
This will just be another chapter of my hair, I'm sure I will cut the locks after some years of growing them.. but for now, I will let my hair grow.
My one lock that I've had for the past year needs some company lol
it's all a matter of time now!

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