Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh the temptation

As much as I couldnt understand WHY anyone would pay this much for headphones, I now see why.. because if you buy all of the cheap earbuds (like me) they ALWAYS break and have a very short life span

Dude I bought a pair that broke during the same day that I purchased them! lol seriously..

So now I've been all over looking at the different styles. If I get a pair.. they certainly wont be earbuds lol. The SOLO style seems right, apparently they're considered to be an "on ear" fit.. I have small ears so I'm assuming theyd be perfect for me.


              This photo was actually taken on my birthday, which was mothers day earlier this year
She had me when she was 30 years old, and now shes 54.. my my my how time is flying


I have been dreaming a LOT lately, and these dreams have been pretty intense emotionally. So I decided to research them to see what they mean at dreammoods's quite detailed. Look yours up too!