Saturday, October 29, 2011

Horrid Pain

It was the absolute WORST today, I had to call out of work... and spend a Saturday doing nothing but moaning, groaning, and lots of mopping around feeling so nauseous. I got completely dressed, and really just had to tell myself "No Vanisha." I'm much better than I was, but still not 100%.

He (who shall not be named lol) called to check up on me made me feel a bit better.. so I shall leave you with this lovely song that he introduced me to like a year ago by Robin Thicke and it STILL puts a nice smile on my face... this is love :]


Sooo one of my co-workers by the name of Kachiri "Chi-Chi" Ransom has auditioned for Glee!

She's an actress/singer and basically on the same hustle as me lol
 We are just trying to make it to the top by doing what we LOVE doing
 so if you will just watch her audition video for me... "like" it and comment!
PS: you'll love her, shes as sweet as pie.
                                                                 Chichi's Glee Audition