Saturday, September 3, 2011

such a passionate love

i have to make my way back to the studio to train more rather than just performing. i havent TRAINED since april.. i miss my dance buddies so so so much, they are phenomenal people.
--so i got on facebook and noticed that la'monte posted a new video, and he taught to this song that i'm really in to at the moment: Big Sean "A**" lol! it's just so dirty and ghetto lmao, and when the right people are dancing to it.. it gives me life.
HENCE my eyes watering up and me screaming "YEEEESSSS!!!" while watching my buddies dance. my favorite part is the move that they do at :38.. anyone that knows lamonte knows that this is his dance hahaha


on that note, gottadanceatl studio.. my second home, you will be seeing me soon.
and Thank you LaMonte for giving me life on my computer after i just got home from work lol! muah!