Sunday, July 3, 2011

There's been so much going on in my life, and I am embracing it all. This is blissful

 Kissed by the sun while on the set of the video shoot

Lounging outside with Rahel

Alexis :] a dance friend of mine, love her

 my dance buddy Stephen, what an amazing guy mentally.
--he always tries to do my poses in photos lol, never done right lol!

 Hot color on me, my Ayan in the back

 Crooked shades, tan lines,  lounging by the pool

The sun after a storm

The Goddess leaving the pool

another dance buddy of mine that is in love with the pool just as much as I am lol, Naomi.

Kennedy wasn't even prepared to swim that day, but we did lol

Then later that night me and Naomi went to a pool party, she had to get ready in the bathroom lol yeees

 I wish I had taken more photos whilst there.
it was a pool party, then a food party, a game party, then a cake party, a drinking party (fresh virgin with strawberries for me) then a sleep over partyyyy
I needed this for my soul.. I NEVER go out, I have no night life lol.
but private chill parties with cool people mingling.. I'm in.

The beauty of that night was beyond amazing. Playing volleyball in the pool, swimming deep in 8ft, Sitting out on the porch barefoot under the dark sky chitchatting, lots of laughter, trying to sleep yet still giggling while overhearing funny conversations amongst others, the love, sleeping in bikinis, then making it home at 9am.
Thank you Nikkia (the birthday girl of the night) and the beautiful Alex for inviting me :]