Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beyonce's new video and Tofo Tofo dancers

OK so the video is cool... of course its got all of the weird questionable symbolism in it as usual. It is a waste of time to even wonder why they put those things in the videos now lol
but the part that stood out to me the most, were the African guys that shes dancing with in the beginning. Their groove and over all foot work is just amazing! I LOVE doing African and dancehall its always so much fun.

So with that being said, I had to find out who these guys were; They're apart of a dance group in Mozambique (southeast African, Portuguese speaking) named Tofo Tofo. Apparently their video was seen on Youtube and Beyonce just had to have them in her video with the same choreography just tweaked a little lol..

As for Beyonce, I loved the shoulder movement she does in the beginning, it's a traditional Ethiopian shoulder dance, Youtube that too!
--I know a couple of the ladies dancing in this video.. spot my buddy Kimmie right beside beyonce with the huge afro!
And here is were the idea came from

Pretty cool huh?!