Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life Goes On

As of today, I no longer work at the dance studio as a workstudy. It had almost been a year now that I think about it. Isn't funny how life works? When it is time for a new chapter in your life.. it will happen, reguardless of it happening in a positive or negative way.
At least I used my time wisely while being there: I've gotten amazing training, did shows with some of my favorite dancers, grew A LOT as a dancer, made so many new friends!
and the best part about it all, is that none of those things are going to stop. Workstudy or not, I shall progress, and so will my relationships with my friends.

I'm sure all of this might be for the best at this rate though, because as I'm typing this... I am HORRIBLY sick. Getting 4 hours of sleep, working full time, and dancing full time is not exactly a good idea lol. But once I get passed this, I will start making some new plans for myself as far as dancing, it's apparently time to move onto something bigger and better

 Here's some photos of me and some of my dance buddies

 And I thank Jessica for the opportunity :]
 "Vanisha I want you to keep doing what you're doing,
I'm sure you're going to do great things,
you'll be fine.. I'm sure of it"