Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow in Atlanta and Astrology

So finally Atlanta is back up and running after days of being snowed in. The amount of ice was crazy, especially in my area (I live in the northern area) something as simple as walking to the store was next to impossible.. we literally ice skated there lol.
speaking of ice skating, look at this man ice skating down one of our main streets. I heard that people of the city were mad that this guy had gotten so many views.. it made them look bad since they didn't have the ice undercontrol lol!

people enjoyed the snow though, we had a snowball fight, tried to build a snowman lol, and made snow angels at 12am :]
(my sister on the left, and me on the right with prancer lol)

Here's a clip from the news channel.

OKAY now on to this zodiac sign BS.. oh my goodness if I hear one more person mention this, I'm gonna shoot myself lol. I actually posted a blog about this 13th sign back in 2009 here, so why wasn't it on the news back then?
As much as I like astrology, I actually don't care much.. maybe because I know for a fact that I don't fit every characteristic of a Taurus (may8,1987) but I know I fit the basic qualities. I'm a taurus with some spice added lol.
I have a bull tattooed on my back, and I still love my bull :]

Anyway, heres a blog that explains it perfectly for you people that are going crazy about it.

Hope you enjoyed :]