Saturday, December 31, 2011

a blast from the past!!


Over the next couple of days... theres gonna be a lot of new/er photos, so lets start with random old ones!

5 year old Vanisha lol

My best guy friend in high school Allen Chau ! He posted this collage of photos on facebook a few days ago and I was like "OH MY GOODNESS" lol.. I'm so glad I got rid of that hair haha.. I was like 15 in these and so awkward and still could never fit in at school lol!

This was like 5 years ago, I was in love with my new red hair.. I need that back :]

this is from 2008 .. little wash&go afro lol

I had a horrible obsession with earrings. I put keys on these.. and this was back when no one was doing anything different lol
 I remember going to school like this and people were making fun of my style! lol

 17 year old me.. straight hair and no facial piercings!? shocking to see... trust me, I know lol.

my mother wouldn't let me cut my hair until i was of age. so during the year of being 18... i cut it. lol


but relaxed or not, I was still the weird girl haha.
I was 17 here..

ugh I fell in love with my hair when I cut it, I still can't believe i had such short hair with my head being THIS BIG!? --but somehow it worked lol.
my rule with short natural hair: ALWAYS WEAR EARRINGS because, without them I felt like I looked like a boy lol. 

everyone always asks if I've ever straightened my hair while being natural, well this was the FIRST and ONLY time lol. I did it myself: I washed, conditioned, used a blow dryer, flat iron, then a curling iron lmao
..and guess how long that hairstyle lasted? not even an HOUR! my afro said "Nope, you're stuck with me for life" hahahaa

I was wearing these cool hairstyles before they were even cool lol.
this was like 5 years ago

           mind you, I was taking these photos at my job lol! I was the only person working at this little    clothing store in the mall... talk about bored haha

18 year old me with short twists.. performing! we were krumping and this was part of my solo.. turning the sexy on haha

I wasn't much older here.. maybe 19

 Me and one of my old dance partners, a great dance buddy of mine still to this day :] Aubrey

 My first show in ATL, and I was the only one that had my own real afro lol!

got a lot of great feedback about this shoot..

 learning to use my lines better

Me and nate have had some serious photos together lol.. I will post more of them some other day. --a good friend but also my first dance partner ever, and ex roommate lol.

 one of my first shoots in atl
My oldest sister took this photo .. I was wearing the crown/hat that she made for me.
the laugh was real :]

OK this post was random, its 1am and I just needed to post this before going to sleep lol.
 Tomorrow (today or whatever lol..) is unplanned for the most part but I need to get some rest cause I plan on enjoying it !

Thursday, December 29, 2011


My friend Alex posted this on facebook, Rocinha is the biggest favela in Brasil and so beautiful.
I can not wait for the day that I visit this part of the world.. 
 I've heard nothing but amazing things about this country. I've befriended so many brasilians over the years to the point that
I've fallen in love with the culture/country without even seeing it all face to face yet lol.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

flying biscuit

I've always heard that this place was amazing.. so Robin and I ate there this morning
I just had to start with a huge hot chocolate and lots of whipped cream!

Smoked salmon in 3 scrambled eggs, the most amazing creamy grits..
What a way to start the morning.. beyond grand actually


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh the temptation

As much as I couldnt understand WHY anyone would pay this much for headphones, I now see why.. because if you buy all of the cheap earbuds (like me) they ALWAYS break and have a very short life span

Dude I bought a pair that broke during the same day that I purchased them! lol seriously..

So now I've been all over looking at the different styles. If I get a pair.. they certainly wont be earbuds lol. The SOLO style seems right, apparently they're considered to be an "on ear" fit.. I have small ears so I'm assuming theyd be perfect for me.


              This photo was actually taken on my birthday, which was mothers day earlier this year
She had me when she was 30 years old, and now shes 54.. my my my how time is flying


I have been dreaming a LOT lately, and these dreams have been pretty intense emotionally. So I decided to research them to see what they mean at dreammoods's quite detailed. Look yours up too!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

i dont care for christmas

its a holiday thats wrapped around the WRONG idea. Although, this video is very funny to me (thanks to niclaos for posting)... but just look at how completely dramatic some of them act when receiving something that they did not ask for.
I absolutely despise hearing people complain about what they got or how many gifts they were given.. be happy that someone even thought about your behind.
Lets learn to GIVE despite holidays, cause these bs days really don't even mean anything lol they're just lies made up to make us spend money.
hello and good morning! hahaha now watch.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

you will live on.

Today at 3am my grandmother passed away. My father's mother. We've had a little time to try and prepare for this yet of course theres only so much preparing that one can do. I don't like saddening situations as this, so I wont be sad for her, there's no need to be. Sure it's a saddening situation.. more so because she's got 8 children and sooo many grandchildren.. but she's on the brighter side of everything now:
no more Alzheimers, no more living in a nursing home, no more stress.
she lived a long life and now she is free..
In loving memory you will be.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

food poisoned.

once again. at least I was able to make myself NOT throw up.. which was super hard. --but I wish I could make my belly stop aching :[
I woke up at 3:30am with a horrid stomach ache, then got up 3 more times within that same hour.

guess I will be keeping away from certain seafoods for a period of time. not because I'm afraid, but because I completely lose my appetite just thinking about how sick it has gotten me in the past.

So for now, I will be stuck with ginger ale and soup...