Sunday, October 16, 2011

a late update

sooo within the past week and a half, I bought a NOOK. lets just say that I'm so in love. There are so many books that I can finally read whenever I want!

Any down time that I have outside of my jobs (which isn't much) I've been indulging in all of the finer things in life: Spending quality time, loving, catching up with friends, getting out of the house, and EATING either with company and/or solo :]

eating good with Robin @Goldfish I'm gonna take my sister here for her birthday dinner later this month, I'm sure she will enjoy it.

it was so dark in there.. but it's Vietnamese bun with tofu lemon grass and veggies :]

Mushroom ravioli with Salmone con piselli @Figo (my job lol)

I only go here for the killer dessert.. thank you Applebees lol

L'Oreal made me laugh!

Now trying NOT to laugh lol

More from me later.. this weekend has been beyond amazing. I just figured I'd give a little update with a few of the photos that I have been taking as of late.

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