Sunday, October 30, 2011

I need my eyebrows done

I've got caterpillars on my face :sings: lol

BUT although theyre wild, did you know that having thicker eyebrows make you look younger? so yeah it's best to keep them thicker. but I still need them shaped lol

she thinks its funny to remix my name when I order.
it's only cute coming from her lol..
At least she knows to please say the DAILEY, or in her case 'Daily' : | lol ugh!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Horrid Pain

It was the absolute WORST today, I had to call out of work... and spend a Saturday doing nothing but moaning, groaning, and lots of mopping around feeling so nauseous. I got completely dressed, and really just had to tell myself "No Vanisha." I'm much better than I was, but still not 100%.

He (who shall not be named lol) called to check up on me made me feel a bit better.. so I shall leave you with this lovely song that he introduced me to like a year ago by Robin Thicke and it STILL puts a nice smile on my face... this is love :]


Sooo one of my co-workers by the name of Kachiri "Chi-Chi" Ransom has auditioned for Glee!

She's an actress/singer and basically on the same hustle as me lol
 We are just trying to make it to the top by doing what we LOVE doing
 so if you will just watch her audition video for me... "like" it and comment!
PS: you'll love her, shes as sweet as pie.
                                                                 Chichi's Glee Audition

Monday, October 24, 2011

hustle hustle hustle

Currently thinking of a master plan.
Gotta make even more moves, and fast.
I'm always hustling to the next step..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


so I wanted to share with you all that I went to see the musical FELA with my buddy Robin (thank you sooo much for inviting me!). it was so grand. I also discovered yet another phenomenal dancer by the name of Nicole De Weever

She's filled with so much LIFE, it was really a beautiful thing to see her perform like that.. so inspiring to me.
--So I just HAD to get in contact with her via Facebook and tell her how amazing she is (as though she's never heard that a million times) and well well well, what do I see? We have dance friends in common lol I'm not even surprised. 
One day we will cross paths in person dear and officially say "Nice to meet you" :]
But here's some footage from the show.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

a late update

sooo within the past week and a half, I bought a NOOK. lets just say that I'm so in love. There are so many books that I can finally read whenever I want!

Any down time that I have outside of my jobs (which isn't much) I've been indulging in all of the finer things in life: Spending quality time, loving, catching up with friends, getting out of the house, and EATING either with company and/or solo :]

eating good with Robin @Goldfish I'm gonna take my sister here for her birthday dinner later this month, I'm sure she will enjoy it.

it was so dark in there.. but it's Vietnamese bun with tofu lemon grass and veggies :]

Mushroom ravioli with Salmone con piselli @Figo (my job lol)

I only go here for the killer dessert.. thank you Applebees lol

L'Oreal made me laugh!

Now trying NOT to laugh lol

More from me later.. this weekend has been beyond amazing. I just figured I'd give a little update with a few of the photos that I have been taking as of late.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

females this, females that. bs.

Sooo I bought this book yesterday by Jessica Valenti

           It's a great read thus far as I assumed being that I've already been a fan of this young lady's blog
It's funny because as she states in the book, most women ARE feminists, yet they don't call themselves that. So true, because I was just about to rant for the millionth time on twitter:
WHY is it so hard for people to call a lady "lady" or "woman"?! All we get is "female"
lol, I've just really taken notice to how many times I see a guy tweet something about "females" rather than "women"
random, but true statement

OH YEAH follow me on twitter if you don't, I shall follow you back.. @VanisharDailey

exactly how i'm feeling this morning

I listen to this almost every morning :]