Saturday, September 24, 2011

He's evolving, this is beautiful

So I watched The X Factor for the first time the other night, and this guys story has been stuck in my head ever since. How touching! --The song is catchy too lol

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TROY DAVIS.. my opinion

I knew I'd end up posting about this especially with how many protesters I've been seeing outside of my job at Georgia State University. This actually isn't a new story to me, I'm from Savannah, Georgia so we have heard about this story for years. ---Anyway I signed a petition for him and left the following comment:

I am leaving my name here, because I am completely against any sort of execution, for any reason, whether guilty or not. It is extremely saddening that people feel as though they have the right to say that another person deserves to die.


My heart goes out to Troy for having to deal with this horrible situation for so many years.

You all please sign  THE TROY DAVIS PETITION 
I hope I will have a chance to protest, but of course I'm always working so I'm doing what I can from afar. Let Your Voice Be Heard American People :]
peace and love.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"remind yourself"

i was told to remind myself.. i'm trying so hard to remember.
this is a struggle within itself.
i feel it in my belly, with a heavy heart included.
i lose too much energy in this, i am feeble with these thoughts.
let me sit in the company of this silence and train myself to never forget.

Monday, September 5, 2011

the ART of Pole Dancing

I was actually in training to start teaching pole classes back when I first moved to Atlanta, it was a lot of fun while it lasted but I stopped going for whatever reason lol. It is a serious workout.. --the inner parts of my thighs were bruised, along with the tops of my feet etc lol.
watch how beautiful this is though


Saturday, September 3, 2011

such a passionate love

i have to make my way back to the studio to train more rather than just performing. i havent TRAINED since april.. i miss my dance buddies so so so much, they are phenomenal people.
--so i got on facebook and noticed that la'monte posted a new video, and he taught to this song that i'm really in to at the moment: Big Sean "A**" lol! it's just so dirty and ghetto lmao, and when the right people are dancing to it.. it gives me life.
HENCE my eyes watering up and me screaming "YEEEESSSS!!!" while watching my buddies dance. my favorite part is the move that they do at :38.. anyone that knows lamonte knows that this is his dance hahaha


on that note, gottadanceatl studio.. my second home, you will be seeing me soon.
and Thank you LaMonte for giving me life on my computer after i just got home from work lol! muah!

Friday, September 2, 2011

good morning

or so i thought lol. im always on time for work, its rare for me to be late. so i was under the impression that i was supposed to be at my 2nd job by 11:30 because thats what my schedule said. so here i am walking into work and there were sooo many people there! im thinking "why are these people here?" lol. dude my manager said "i thought youd know to come in earlier" ::straight face:: lol seriously!? eh anyway, it was a breeze after that.. even though we were busy. here i am having a light yummy lunch

Thursday, September 1, 2011

love some Erykah

hola septiempre

..i will try not to greet you with a bitter tongue, as you're the one to blame for stealing the hottest sun rays.. my favorite time of year.. soon, i will say goodbye to my sunkissed dark skin.. and pack away my bikinis. which is quite saddening to even think about. although, the only excitement you ever bring are colorful leaves.. and me wearing hoodies to lounge in where ever i please.. so i guess i will embrace you while in your company for the moment being.