Sunday, August 21, 2011

Every black person needs to remember this.

"There is an adage from the Xhosa people of South Africa that says “I am because we are..” One aspect of this multi-meaning truth is that one’s identity is tied to a body lager than self. The wisdom in the saying also clearly indicates that in order to understand the self, to identify the self, the group from which one emerges must have an identity as well. Herein lies the dilemma of those of us who have been called ourselves by a variety of cultural nomenclatures and derogatory epithets- Negro, nigger, Colored, Black, African, American, Afro-American, African American, Africanin American.
When our ancestors were stolen from Africa and brought to the colonies, they were faced with the same dilemma. By what name would they choose to define themselves? As they begin to create institutions they named them and by so naming them, named themselves. In the South, our ancestors enslaved named their first institution the African Baptist Church. In the North, our ancestors freed named their first institution the African Methodist Church. From the outset of our experience here our ancestors were clear as to whom they were - whether enslaved or free, we were Africans!"  -Defining Black Identity In 21 Century America; By Ewuare Osayande (Excerpt from an address given by Ewuare Osayande at a panel discussion “What’s In A Name” at Temple University on November, 10, 2004)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

last weeks photo shoot

I always have an amazing time working with photographers that come out to APG. We spend a lot of the time laughing and having a good time, all while creating :]

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I wish this cat was around right now to keep me company.
so soothing..

I need something to ground me at the moment, I dislike feeling irritated.
I'm so sensitive to emotions to the point that when negative ones are taking over me,
I feel out of control.
And it's funny because nothing that dramatic is going on lol.
I just want to WORK and make some money honeyyyy
Yet my cash flow has been toyed with this week lol.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I have a 2nd J-O-B

So I started working this amazing Italian restaurant as of last week called Figo Del Osteria. Talk about a busy schedule : /
I've blogged about this place in the past because it is certainly one of my favorite restaurants. It's traditional Italian food with an owner that's straight from Italy, so don't think it's some bootleg spot lol.
--I'm at the perimeter location
Check it out! Figo Pasta