Monday, June 6, 2011

Rise Dark Girls

Funny how I came across this video right after having some black girls laugh at me today whilst on the train, and I just finished tweeting about that situation.

So I'm sitting there minding my own business and I start twirling my soon-to-be lock on the side of my head, I look up.. and one of the black girls are imitating me.. she's twirling her long weave and her friends are laughing. They're whispering amongst one another and laughing while looking dead at me.
Mind you, I had to deal with girls making fun of me all throughout grade school.. and it was ALWAYS black girls. So situations like those don't even bother me now that I'm older and confident in my skin. But to them.. I was always the weird girl that dressed differently and  I spoke as though I was trying to be "white"
ahh such ignorance ruins our peace with one another.
but my thing is: What is the purpose of these actions? Look at yourself in the mirror, are you happy with what you see?

Now as far as skin complexion, I really don't recall having negative run-ins with my brown/dark skin yet I can easily recall hearing people tell me "You better stay out of the sun! You're getting darker!"
I come from a family of all complexions, my mother and most of my mothers sisters are all light/very light skinned. I get my complexion from my father, who has mostly darker skin tones on his side. I have never wanted to be any different than what I am now, and I think that diversity in my family may be the reason as to why --I also have a little sister that is half white, and she loves my skin.. she says it looks like "chocolate" lol

These black people that talk about having "good hair", or say that they aren't black because they are from Africa or the islands (lmao yes, I've heard those dumb statements before) or that they don't date dark skinned people AND this includes the dark skinned people that say "I don't date light skinned people, they think they're better than everyone else"
PLEASE you all, open your eyes.. you are part of the reason as to why WE can not move forward as a people. Black is Beautiful just as anything else, EMBRACE IT

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.
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