Sunday, June 5, 2011

random videos

My favorite dance show So You Think You Can Dance has started!!! yayyy :]
but these two guys from Atlanta that auditioned for the show made me angry when I saw them trying to imitate Les Twins.. they're also the same twins that recently got their 30seconds of fame dancing with Beyonce on that award show a couple of weeks ago lol, watch..

THIS GIRL IS AMAZING!!!! She was on America's Best Dance Crew too (We Are Heroes)  .. this is a must see. She better make the show

I stumbled across this video on my Twitter (@vanishardailey) timeline, she really knows her facts and kills all of what Beyonce says in her "Who Run the World (Girls)" song. She makes a valid point as much as many women would hate to admit lol.

And last but not least, look at my dance buddies killin it in this video!! Terrence Green is one of the dancers from SwaggerCrew that was on America's Best Dance Crew too. --We tell him that he reminds us of Chris Brown all of the time lol so this was an amazing idea.

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