Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday week

So my birthday was a week ago, and a lot has been going on... (including blogspot being down for like 2 days!) I will just post some of the photos from this past week.
On my birthday, I woke up and started getting ready for a photoshoot that morning with Tyree :]

OH and I dyed my hair, it will be getting dyed again this week.. because the color didn't catch all of my virgin hair so this color will be even brighter soon lol.
Prancer was being so annoying.. crying and wanting some attention as my sister was doing my makeup lol 

Here are two of the photos.. untouched. but I love :]

Then one of my dance friends (Alexis) came over to pick me up after I finished baking myself a cake lol.. yes I made a cake for myself on my birthday.. it was so good, I forgot to get a picture of it: Chocolate icing, yellow cake! 

Me, her, and her little sister went to the Sweet Auburn festival.. dude that bs was ultra crowded, and super ghetto lol. But it was a good time and lots of laughs!
This little 11 year old boy randomly approached us and started rapping.. he was so cute. Youtube his name keyswag3000 it's really crazy how mature acting he is

Me and my thrown together ways lol never caring about what I put on.. as long as I'm comfortable lol
That red crown that I'm wearing is my favorite one with this hair color :]

I swung by the dance studio for rehearsal, I performed this past friday with Jessica Phoenix. I got a chance to see most of my dance buddies!!! Ahhh I love them.
   Me and Trevis

Me, Evari, Josh in the back and Alexis got her face covered thanks to Josh hahaha

I did my makeup for the Dancehall performance that we had, I think I did pretty good

Although,I still havent learned how to take that bs off with ease lol. So 2 days later I'll still have dark eyes from old makeup lol!

Me and my mommy :]

this next photo is my daddy, he pulled up to visit me and my sister Andrea and he had this whole outfit on since he just came from the virgin islands lmao!!
For those that know me, you know the personality fits huh lol
When he got out of the car he said "I juss came back from di Virgin Islands mon!" lol!

Lots of good eating :]

these 2 were actually a few days before my birthday, me and Ayan were having a good time as usual

 Now these of me and her are from yesterday.. we spent the day together and indulged in laugher, food, and relaxation lol

she wanted to take a picture of one of my crimpy curls lol

So glad that I was able to give a big update lol.. don't be surprised when you see shorter posts too. Just want to let you all know this is still my main spot lol. I will leave you with a funny youtube video that gets me everytime I watch it lol

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