Sunday, March 27, 2011

Morning Hours

I'm such an early bird naturally, I love the morning hours of the day. I've been taking meditation under my wings again, training myself to do it.. it really helps to keep me grounded and stable. My oldest sister Sereda, meditates on a daily basis, and at LEAST once a day.

Here I am reading Deepak Chopra's  blog (which is what I fell asleep doing) I read one of his books years ago, back in high school.. and loved his mind frame. So now, I will be sure to read more from him from now on. Here's his blog

Two random things happened this week at my job
1: I got invited to travel somewhere in May, I knew there was a reason for me not buying that ticket to NY in advanced.. because I just MIGHT go lol
2: A guy gets in my line and says "You aren't from Savannah are you?" I said, "Yes I am!" He then asks, "Are you Sereda's baby sister?" lol! WHAT THE HECK! I respond "YES I AM!" he's like, "You two favor so much, I instantly knew that you were related to her once I saw you"

I absolutely LOVE when people are able to spot me because of my family members. It's a beautiful thing to carry your loved ones genes :] well.. at least I think it is lol.

 (left to right)
Me, Andrea: the middle sister (30), Sereda: the oldest (33)

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