Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I dont know why I've been trying to spit out something to write about.. when the point of these posts in the first place was for you all to be invited to my little world lol.

eating the sun.

OK so.. as many times as I've been trying to talk myself out of dying my hair again, I CAN NOT TAKE IT ANYMORRRRE lol. I used to dye my hair so often, and then I stopped because I love how my texture is without the color.. yet here I go with my carefree mindframe like: Eh whatever, it's just hair.. I can cut the color off or grow it out whenever I please lol

This is the longest that I've worn my own color since I've been natural..
mind you, I'm bored with this already and it's only been 3 months since my cut the rest of the dyed tips off!
So here are some photos of me and my phases of different haircolors
(I was like 20-22 in these photos lol)

My mother hated the color of my hair in the first photo lol probably because I let a friend dye it instead of her lol. Her favorite is the red, and I'm leaning towards that again too...
BUT will I actually color my whole head? I mean the hot weather is coming fast, my skin will get darker, and I'll need something to bring me out more.. sooo which one!?
We will see :]

---I did forget to post this video clip from our performance, spot the afro lol..

viba performance
(I hope everyone is able to view that link?)
on a dance note: here I am laying down with a swollen ankle and foot. I have no idea as to how it happened, but I had a serious dance rehearsal late lastnight and the top of my foot started hurting once I got home. Then, while I was asleep, I rolled over and felt a horrible sharp pain in my ankle :[
Oh well, the life of a dancer lol..
hopefully it'll be strong enough to dance on for tomorrow.
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