Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what have I been up to?

so much has been going on.
dancing, moving, working..

 Me and little Bernadette posing after dance rehearsal.. at like 12 at night lol.

theres too much excitement going on.. the only sucky thing is how far away I live right now but that will soon change

late night rehearsals for a show that will be on March 5th with Brandon, this is me and him if you never saw the video :]

I'm apart of the brand spankin new dance company PURPLE ELEPHANT SOCIETY that was created by Ajaye and Caba from Swagger Crew, and also America's Best Dance Crew

and then I just got an amazing text message lastnight about ANOTHER gig.. I'm extremely excited this one, this will be an amazing experience!! I shall say what it is in the near future lol.
--but let's just say that I will be performing sooner than I thought, and I hope you people in Atlanta will be ready to come out and watch!

Um.. Um.. what elssse. OH I'm gonna try to get into school again, at least apply and see what happens lol. and somehow I want to fit another job in? Is that possible??

being that I moved and I'm super busy mostly, its been hard to get an internet connection..
 but of course I always come back :]
don't forget about my other blog

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