Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow in Atlanta and Astrology

So finally Atlanta is back up and running after days of being snowed in. The amount of ice was crazy, especially in my area (I live in the northern area) something as simple as walking to the store was next to impossible.. we literally ice skated there lol.
speaking of ice skating, look at this man ice skating down one of our main streets. I heard that people of the city were mad that this guy had gotten so many views.. it made them look bad since they didn't have the ice undercontrol lol!

people enjoyed the snow though, we had a snowball fight, tried to build a snowman lol, and made snow angels at 12am :]
(my sister on the left, and me on the right with prancer lol)

Here's a clip from the news channel.

OKAY now on to this zodiac sign BS.. oh my goodness if I hear one more person mention this, I'm gonna shoot myself lol. I actually posted a blog about this 13th sign back in 2009 here, so why wasn't it on the news back then?
As much as I like astrology, I actually don't care much.. maybe because I know for a fact that I don't fit every characteristic of a Taurus (may8,1987) but I know I fit the basic qualities. I'm a taurus with some spice added lol.
I have a bull tattooed on my back, and I still love my bull :]

Anyway, heres a blog that explains it perfectly for you people that are going crazy about it.

Hope you enjoyed :]

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A saddening morning..

So I had a bad dream this morning, right before I woke up. It's crazy because I actually experienced this dream in real life during this exact same time of year, but it was the year of 2009.

In the dream, my step father Warren was alive but he was in his last days... he was battling cancer. And at that same period of time, I had a line of shows that I was performing in. So here I was dancing and performing, doing what I love doing.. and then I would come home to such heartache and sorrow seeing him in such pain. And also at this time, wondering if I would come home to him not being there anymore. I cried so much in this dream, the type of cry that you cannot control... screams that come from deep inside of you.

I woke up completely confused as to why I had this sad dream.. He passed away on Jan. 29, 2009.
-- I mean sure I do dream of him once every bluemoon, but it's about the good things. I've never had a dream like this, and sure enough... I found out why I had it.

This morning I found out that Clinton D. Powell in Savannah, Georgia passed away. He had been in the hospital for months just as Warren was, and was also battling cancer.
Clinton played such a huge role in your life if you were doing theater or spoken word in Savannah. I'm so sad that he passed, he always gave us all such good tips on how to make the world take notice to our craft. How to catch their attention while we performed a piece.
I will never forget after he saw me perform in the play AIDA, he pulled me to the side and said "Vanisha that was the most passionate I've ever seen you dance that part! That was beautiful."
From then on, I knew how to really take on the stage.

He will never be forgotten, all of the poems, and messages of love dedicated and influenced by this man is overwhelming on facebook.  
Hopefully you all are able to read some of these

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm entering the new year feeling a bit under the weather :[ but I'm trying to knock it out before it gets worse.

I was up watching all of the little count down shows on tv, and then it was 11:30pm... I got sleepy. I planned to lay down for only a few mins. Next thing I know, I get a phone call from a friend wishing me Happy New Year, and I jumped out of bed to catch the count down and then I noticed it was 12:30am lmao
I can't believe I slept through it! 
and it's even funnier because I thought I was on time for it lol.

I thought I was going to a party, but didnt. Then one of my friends was going to take me over his friends house for a get together, but I started feeling sick and very tired.. so I stayed at home.

I will make up for it next year lol. 

 2010 has flown passed, this has been my hustle year, dancing, training, performing, working hard.
So may the new year of 2011 bring me love, peace, lots of dancing, amazing people, and lots of laughter!
According to horoscopes2011 this year is going to be an interesting one for Taurus, I can already tell it will be just with how the year has ended on such a high note for me :]

Here's me and Brandon dancing..