Thursday, December 23, 2010

stretching earlobes

I think I started stretching my earlobes back in 2006, I didn't plan on stretching them too big... I just wanted to wear cooler earrings lol.

 I tend to look online at all of the different colors and designs.. then I just fall in love with them over and over :]

Here is some information if you don't know anything about stretching your earlobes
If your ears are pierced more than likely you were pierced at a 20gauge or 18gauge.
The bigger the number, the smaller the hole is.

I'm at a 2g. That was my stopping point, but my left ear is really stretchie and somehow stretched to a 0g.

These things in the photo above are called "tapers" its what you should use when stretching your ears. You should only go one size up, wait for your ears to heal which will be at least 1 month, and then move up again.

I ordered some amazing earrings from this lady named Ashleigh, she customizes them and shes got a nice selection in her online store too

I got these from her, but I got them in my favorite color: MINT GREEN with gold :]

Anyway, so I decided to blog about this because I'm experiencing my first "BLOW OUT" :[
(watch the youtube video at the bottom, he explains what it is)
it's a very small one, but it hurtssss
When I ordered those earrings, I told her I needed a 2g... but her 2's are big like they're 0's 
or maybe she really did send me zeros?

--So me being so excited, I just put the earrings in
First my left side: it's already a zero, so it was a breeze to slide it in
Then the right side: OOOH the burning pain!!
I thought to myself
"I'm pretty sure I just stretched my earhole bigger by mistake"
 Lastnight, I took it out.. my earlobe was red and very swollen.. and very gross
imagine a donut will jelly stuff in the middle lol.. except that jelly stuff was puss : /
so now I have to let my left earlobe heal.

OK thanks for listening to my gross story lol