Monday, August 16, 2010

You ain't nothin but a vulture

This song has been on my mind since yesterday. I know most of you have heard it already. But It doesn't help that we also danced to it in class (I know two different dances to this song) but then lastnight I downloaded this and really listened to the words. The first verse is def. enough said.. it hits me hard

I'm not feeling so well this morning. Something spoiled my mood and gave me plenty to think about. I've been sitting here for like 2 hours.. thinking. Although, I'm not even surprised by this news. I've typed so many sentences and backspaced them away, I'm rambling and too busy pondering.

update: this song keeps on popping up everywhere. here's the first dance routine that I learned to this song, John James choreographed, and Brandon aka B-Krazi is dancing in it with him.. they just posted this tonight.