Saturday, July 31, 2010

trying to get out

So I've been doing a better job of not shutting myself off from everyone, I'm moreso a loner.. but it's not really by choice, it kind of just happens that way when your schedule is so full. Not only that, but I'm a firm believer of having personal time for thyself :] After not being in a relationship for such a long time, I pretty much had no choice but to get comfortable with doing things solo lol.. as much as it sucks sometimes but yeah haha.

I haven't hung out with Sydne since like 2008... I saw her once at the park last year, but now.. we are back in contact.

So funny that we both were wearing stonewashed skinnys lol

Then just posing and taking photo after photo in the restaurant lol.

She's a singer/song writer and anytime I talk about her to someone, I always have to stress how amazing her voice is. Like all jokes aside, and not because shes a friend of mine, but I really do believe that she is going to make it big one day.

Follow her on twitter @sydnerenee 
She doesn't have the song posted that I mainly wanted to share with you all.. but  here's one of her songs :]
IN A DAZE produced Sladedamonsta by Sydne Renee'

So lastnight, me and L'Oreal went to the movies to see SALT, its with movie with Angelina Jolie.. it was very good! It's so funny to me how they go over board in movies.. just so many out of control situations happen and I'm sitting there like "come on now, thats impossible" lol


I went to a dance event today with my sister and saw a lot of amazing dancers perform. Of course I networked and all of that good stuff. I saw a lot of my dance buddies from the African American Dance Review, and the dance studio too.

Here's Swagger Crew performing out there.. whoever did the video mustve been like right beside me cause I keep hearing my "YEEESSS!" or "WHEEEEW!" lmao they were very close to the stage.. but you at least get the idea of how AMAZING they are. FYI Jessica Phoenix (the girl with the big hair) thats one of my dance buddies.. I look up to her as a dancer :]

My sister really wanted a photo with Bryan from Remote Kontrol.. she got the whole crew and him lol.

Bryan has scoliosis, but despite his condition.. he's still able to dance. He's an amazing dancer, and on top of it he's such a cool down to earth guy. 
Watch their mouthdropping performance.

At the dance studio, one of the choreographers made up some choreography to this song, I never actually liked it until that hahaha. I just saw this video for the first time this yesterday morning... whoa... I want someone to feel like this for me

oh yeah... if you wanna see another amazing dancer. His name is Chaz Buzan

I think thats all I wanted to share with you all for now lol.
Umm.. tomorrow, there's a dance audition... I'm trying to make it, but it's not official yet. So we will see what happens!