Thursday, July 15, 2010

I wanna do it

So remember when I posted Erykah Badu's video "Window Seat"? I don't know if you all have ever watched the video that she got the nudity idea from... pretty amazing, that would be fun lol. Here it is!

Theirs was def. about liberation... but Erykah was going for more reason, more in depth about the situations that we face today. Yet people were so stuck on her being nude, they didn't even get the main message lol.

So some weeks ago, I was watching some old SoulTrain shows on tv (with Camcast cable, they actually have a channel that plays everything from the 70s..amazing!)
I wish I was around during this time, which reminds me of what this older man told me recently: "You remind me of someone from the 1970s, that hair... you would've loved it during those times, we enjoyed life and we weren't doing all of that killing like we're doing today"

It's a shame I wasn't around.. I so would've been on the SoulTrain hahaha. Just look at the clothes, the hair, how everyone is thinner, how EVERYONE is dancing even if they can't do it very well lol. Did you all see when that guy on the right got hit in his head at 1:34!? lmao!

Here's another one.. I just love how good it makes me feel to watch these, it's amazing to see everybody enjoying themselves like this. People always ask me how did I learn how to dance (it's a funny question to me) but it's 100% natural... I simple just move my body when I hear a beat, just like these people are doing.. anyone can do it!

I've been feeding my brain daily. Really studying the past history of my people and a lot of the extra bs lies that have been added on over the years to cover the truth.. hence, the videos I've been posting. I had a photoshoot this past weekend with Tyree... and he enlightened me.
He said he took notice to everything that I've been posting, and figured I was ready for some deeper information lol..
He showed me this DVD (i didnt watch it all but i will) it's a documentary with the speaker named Ashra Kwesi ...Ahh theres so much information that has been thrown in the trash can, and here I am digging through it trying to piece it together. It is really crazy how many sources you have to pull from just to get SOME sort of facts, or to at least be a step closer to the truth lol.

Tyree Spencer.