Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is a random blog

Just 3 things that I wanted to share with you all, I'm actually rushing.. about to head to dance class..but anyway:

Of course the first thing is choreography lol. The song itself is serious.. but whoa, when I saw this... my eyes watered lol. I'm so lame lol but I just get THAT overwhelmed when I see great dancers.

OH MY GOODNESS my friend Angela sent this to me on facebook, she knows that Sloths are my favorite animal EVER lol (thank you little Italiana gangsta lol) If you dont know what they are.. please just watch this video!!!

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

ANDDDDD my friend L'Oreal just had her 23rd birthday this past week, and guess what the heck she did!?
SHE WENT SKY DIVING! As much as I've told myself that I want to try that, I don't see that bs happening lol.. heeeeeck NO!!! She's so bold lol


I will post again soon.. I have to show you all my nails... they look cool lol
Have a lovely Saturday :]