Saturday, May 15, 2010

little dancers

I posted a youtube video about these little amazing 7 year old dancers sometime ago. They are AMAZING dancers.

--Yet I def. noticed how many of the comments were negative because of the way that they were dancing, and how they were dressed. I'm a dancer (as most of you probably know) so it is very normal for me to see little ones dressed like this when performing. I dont know...
I didn't know that a sports bra and spankys were such a big deal? Because like 99.9% of dancers have worn these items when dancing.

SO THEN my sister showed me a video of some little girls dancing to Beyonce's video "Single Ladies" and she kept saying how good they were... and when I watched it... I said "these are those same little girls! but theres just more of them, and they're a little older now!"

once again... I loved it. This dance was out of control hahaha.
---but yeah they even had this on the news and was talking to the kids parents and saying how could they exploit them etc. etc. way too much. Watch both videos

So I won't voice much of my personal opinion because there are many many people that disagree and just do not understand what performers do.

Hope you enjoyed their talent though!