Saturday, March 27, 2010

back to basics

A - Available: Well, I'm certainly not taken

B - Best Friends: Yes Reisha... the only one since we were 7 years old (15 years strong going on 16!)

C - Color of Your Room: plain white.. it's not even mine heck lol

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: The people that know me best

F - Favorite Food: Seafood and Sushi

H - Hometown: Savannah, Georgia.. although I was born out of the USA

J - Job: Barista :] but I'm a dancer/performer

L - Longest Car Rides: From Savannah, GA to Oklahoma 24 hours.

N - Number Of Siblings: 3 sisters. Sereda (32) Andrea (29) and Jennifer (16)

O - One Wish: To be complete in every area of my life one day. career wise, financially, to have someone to call my own.

P - Phobias: ok.. this might seem weird... but I have a phobia of seeing tiny holes that are like clustered. ew.

S - Song You Last Heard: Ladies Night from the 90s :]

U - Unknown Fact About Me: I talk a lot and fast when I get excited about anything... it is so embarrassing because I know I look like a ADHD retard lol

W - Worst Habits: biting my inner cheek. weird.. I know. I forget names horribly. when you introduce yourself to me and we shake hands.. I'm more so thinking about: OK, I shake with my right hand firmly, I'm making eye contact, I introduced myself with lady-like poise, umm what did he say his name was? lol
but now, after I hear the name.. I repeat it once to the person to make sure I have it.. then keep repeating it in my head to make it stick.. this technique has helped me improve like 50% seriously!

                                   oh yeah, i found an old dumb picture of myself lol laughing as usual.

                                I was had just turned 18 and this was right before I cut my hair off