Sunday, March 21, 2010

a photoshoot!

FINALLY! I had a nice looong photoshoot with Brian Childress yesterday :]
We went into a country.. it was so gorgeous out there. Here are 2 photos.
(you'll see more)

This weekend has been so so so busy. Auditions, dancing, meetings.. geez

I just left this "Intensive Work-Study Class" which was very informative and included many other professional dancers as myself.
 Basically, it's to be a workstudy at this amazing dance studio called "GottaDance". If I get it, I will work there for free, and be able to take FREE dance classes!
Can't beat that.
So it is just a matter of waiting for a phone call now lol

Monday is tomorrow.. which means back to work.

but here's a great link.. I live by most of these :]