Thursday, February 18, 2010

These earrings!

I mean people notice that my earlobes are stretched, often, but I have neverrrr gotten so many compliments on a pair of earrings than wearing these Opalite ones! I do not think that a guy has ever noticed my earrings ----except for when I had these one of a kind Bob Marley earrings that I bought in New York when I was like 18 lol.
But I got these last week and have been wearing them to work this whole week. I kid you not.. so many customers have asked me where did I get them from, are they glass, are they stone, and always mention how cool they look. It has gotten so bad to the point that my co-workers just laugh anytime someone mentions them, and one said "What if you had a dollar for everytime someone mentioned your earrings? You'd leave work with a big tip" lol very true.

Gosh I wish I could show you all how they look, but they don't glow in photos, like how they glow in person. So I googled this photo so show you kinda what Opalite looks like

Mine aren't styled like this, but mine are like 2 inches long. See: (and notice how these photos do them no justice with glowing lol

I had seen opalite earrings back when I first started stretching my earlobes and I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM but surely didnt have the money to blow like 50 dollars on ONE EARRING (wtf.)--just my luck, I found them in Spencer when I was at the mall.. and they were 20 dollars SHOCKING!!

So glad I finally own these. They have to be glass because they sound like it in my ear lol, but I guess because it's so unique, people consider it a stone. They give off a different glow depending on what color theyre against too :] 

Today, a guy handed me this card while I was at work... guess he noticed the earrings lol

oooh he started something! lol I'm so mad that the website isn't working, but I see only SUPERB ratings for this guys piercing work. hmm this might be the person to pierce my tongue.-- which is something that I have wanted even before I got my first main piercing lol.