Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy Little Bee

Oh man I have been so busy lately. Remember those 2 job interviews that I had? Well I got them both lol. I'm on the verge of dropping one though, because they keep pushing the opening date back, and I need money NOW.
As for school.. it has been keeping me busy too, and I have a huge research paper due on Monday.. So I figured I'd blog now, before abandoning this even longer lol.

Dude, I slipped today and someone saw it!! lol! It's a big deal because I rarely do it in public, I guess I'm very aware of my limbs for the most part (thanks to dance) but thank goodness I didnt fall! It was wet outside, and my boots have like absolutely ZERO grip on the bottoms.. and I started gliding across the concrete lol. --I switched my shoes once that happened.. ultra fast haha

Anyway, I wanna take myself out for valentines day.. I'm actually not one of those girls that are SO into that day (it's over rated) but I'd just like to do something sense like 99.9% of people are doing nice things lol. But I wanna go to the The Cheese Cake Factory and indulllge!
Hopefully no one feels sorry for me lol

I wanna see this movie too, it's so sappy yet so beautifullll! awww I love it when love is like this :]

FYI: If you didnt know, Channing (the guy in the movie) is a GREAT dancer

I wanna see this too, but not as much as the first one. CHICKFLICKS lol

But I don't know, it's just a thought. Hopefully I end up doing something!