Friday, January 29, 2010


So Lastnight.. turn on the TV to watch Americas Next Dance Crew and I automatically take notice to so many of my dance buddies and associates on the show! Heck I've taken these guys classes, went to auditions with them and everything.

The first face I notice is Codie
Of the Jungle Boogie Crew.

And he's not the only one.

then I'm in the kitchen and hear "Swagger Crew from Atlanta, Georgia!" I run  in like "WHAT!?!?" lol

The girl in the photo.. Elizabeth she's a beast! But... for the record: I hate that Jessica "Phoenix" isn't on here with Swagger Crew too. She's an amazing dance-friend of mine. and def. a dancer that I look up to :]

I think she might still be on tour with the UniverSOUL Circus.. but still the crew needs her!

But anyway.. there is another dance crew from Atlanta called Royal Flush too. I was in shock with how the south is IN THERE hahaha. so ummmm... you know what that means... Georgia might be the new city to win this season :]

These dancers are naturals at what they do and very amazing!
Watch them dance and Vote :]