Monday, December 20, 2010

Short and Sweet

So my morning was not the best that it could've been. I hate when my emotions are all over the place and I then I think too hard about a situation...

be mindful of the information that you share with a person. make sure you aren't stepping on anyones toes by being the big mouth.
sometimes, a person may not be ready to share information, it might just not be the right time to say it, or maybe they just wanted to sit on it for a while before it came to light?
Whatever the situation may be, you can't just take matters into your own hands when it has nothing to do with you.. atleast you should know not to do that right?

thats the easiest way to put it.

On another note --I know I know, I should've posted a long time ago.
I need a digital camera! I take so many photos for my blog and just because I love photography.. but now my phones memory is full.
I've been lazy and haven't bought a SD card with more storage space lol.

but here's a photo that Reagan took of me.. she's amazing.

I really want to start posting about my hair more.. since so many people always have questions about it, or leave me messages commenting on it lol.
My hair is all dark now :] 
 I cut all of the color off, and now my hair is twisted..
too bad I've got no photos lol guess I will have to get used to taking photos from my webcam : /

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