Thursday, December 23, 2010

stretching earlobes

I think I started stretching my earlobes back in 2006, I didn't plan on stretching them too big... I just wanted to wear cooler earrings lol.

 I tend to look online at all of the different colors and designs.. then I just fall in love with them over and over :]

Here is some information if you don't know anything about stretching your earlobes
If your ears are pierced more than likely you were pierced at a 20gauge or 18gauge.
The bigger the number, the smaller the hole is.

I'm at a 2g. That was my stopping point, but my left ear is really stretchie and somehow stretched to a 0g.

These things in the photo above are called "tapers" its what you should use when stretching your ears. You should only go one size up, wait for your ears to heal which will be at least 1 month, and then move up again.

I ordered some amazing earrings from this lady named Ashleigh, she customizes them and shes got a nice selection in her online store too

I got these from her, but I got them in my favorite color: MINT GREEN with gold :]

Anyway, so I decided to blog about this because I'm experiencing my first "BLOW OUT" :[
(watch the youtube video at the bottom, he explains what it is)
it's a very small one, but it hurtssss
When I ordered those earrings, I told her I needed a 2g... but her 2's are big like they're 0's 
or maybe she really did send me zeros?

--So me being so excited, I just put the earrings in
First my left side: it's already a zero, so it was a breeze to slide it in
Then the right side: OOOH the burning pain!!
I thought to myself
"I'm pretty sure I just stretched my earhole bigger by mistake"
 Lastnight, I took it out.. my earlobe was red and very swollen.. and very gross
imagine a donut will jelly stuff in the middle lol.. except that jelly stuff was puss : /
so now I have to let my left earlobe heal.

OK thanks for listening to my gross story lol


Monday, December 20, 2010

Short and Sweet

So my morning was not the best that it could've been. I hate when my emotions are all over the place and I then I think too hard about a situation...

be mindful of the information that you share with a person. make sure you aren't stepping on anyones toes by being the big mouth.
sometimes, a person may not be ready to share information, it might just not be the right time to say it, or maybe they just wanted to sit on it for a while before it came to light?
Whatever the situation may be, you can't just take matters into your own hands when it has nothing to do with you.. atleast you should know not to do that right?

thats the easiest way to put it.

On another note --I know I know, I should've posted a long time ago.
I need a digital camera! I take so many photos for my blog and just because I love photography.. but now my phones memory is full.
I've been lazy and haven't bought a SD card with more storage space lol.

but here's a photo that Reagan took of me.. she's amazing.

I really want to start posting about my hair more.. since so many people always have questions about it, or leave me messages commenting on it lol.
My hair is all dark now :] 
 I cut all of the color off, and now my hair is twisted..
too bad I've got no photos lol guess I will have to get used to taking photos from my webcam : /

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pointe Ballet

So today, I finally started doing my research to find the perfect pair of shoes!

First off... let me tell you this crap. So my ballet teacher told me that he is going to be choreographing a pointe ballet piece for a famous person, can you guess who? Yup, Kanye West.

 And he said: "As much as you've been talking about doing pointe! Your name was the first name that popped up in my head, I wish you were doing pointe now"
I know some of you all are thinking "OKAY so start doing it so you can dance in the Kanye West piece"
--but pointe is not that simple. This audition that he is having is like next week... I'd need way more time to train.

Anyway, once I heard that I missed out on my chance, I thought to myself "Screw this! It's time to find a pair of pointe shoes" lol besides, its almost 2011.. I need to push myself to higher levels and make myself even more so rounded as a dancer.

I run into so many dancers that dislike ballet, and wonder why would I want to do pointe..
it is extremely beautiful to me, and has always been a passion of mine ever since I was supposed to go on pointe at the age of 16.
To make a long story short, I had to take a break from the expensive world of dance and lost almost all of my ability: no more strong ankles, no more flexible achilles tendons etc..

I have to admit... I am afraid of ruining my feet to this art though lol

These are Paloma Herrera's feet.. she is a principle ballet dancer of the American Ballet in New York, and one of my favorite ballerinas

I've heard that all you have to do is take good care of your feet while you're doing it, and you should be fine aside from blisters...
So I guess I will be finding out in the near future lol.

If youre interested in pointe ballet, here are two good links that give some good information on what to look for in a pointe shoe :]

There's an audition on Dec.22nd that I am so eager about.. I must book this gig! Anyway.. here's a youtube video of me and some of my dance buddies. This class was fun.. I'm sure it's easy to spot me?