Monday, November 1, 2010

the real news is at the bottom lol.

The shows last weekend went great, I think I pulled a muscle in my upper/inner thigh lol... but I'm OKAY! Thats what I get for letting peoples mean attitudes get in the way of me and my performance mode; that includes me warming up my body lol. Lesson learned.

Before I go on: My middle sister Andrea celebrated her 30th birthday this past weekend :] random, yet very amazing... now I'm the only sister in the 20s lol

ok but anyway..
I'm still recovering from the muscle pull, we had a week off, and of course I was still dancing. I need to learn how to take it easy. Today is my 3rd day not going to the dance studio, but tomorrow I will be back in there training for hours after I get off of work. We will start practicing for the big Zach Lee Showcase on Nov.13. So umm yeah, we only have 2 weeks to make this amazing lol which I know it will be, because I'm performing in Jessica Phoenix's piece who is also a member of Swagger Crew from America's Best Dance Crew.

They have some master classes coming up, so if you live in MD and you dance, go check them out!

"These dreams be wakin me up at night"
I am chasing my dreams... 
No one is going to hold my hand and take me there.. so I have to go out and get what I want on my own. I'm used to the hustle.. so this will just be another thing that I'm working towards lol. I will be buying a plane ticket before this year is up... with the plans to go away for a month (around the beginning of next year) and I might not come back if things go that well hahaha. I am on a mission. With that being said... if you live in New York City and need some company.. I'm your girl :]

And here's the popular kanye short film that everyone has been chittering about.

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