Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Age and Relationships

Should this be an issue?

Me and a few of my buddies have chitchatted on this topic, and I've found it to be pretty interesting.
I figure anyone can date anyone, as long as they aren't underage lol. So really its all just a matter of which types of qualities you're looking for in a person.

As for me, I could easily see myself dating someone thats older than me.. late 20s/early 30s at most. I just have one request with that (it might sound a bit much): you have to be in decent shape and not look like an old fart lol. I guess it's easy for me to see myself dating someone in that age range because I've always been told that I'm mature for my age.
-- I was raised with 2 older sisters that are now 30 and 32 years old, I always hung out with people that were older than me in high school etc. It's always been a natural thing for me.
Maybe as I get older.. I will want to date younger lol, but at this time in my life... I can't see myself dating a younger person unless they are extremelyyy mature for their age. Which in fact, I actually know a few of my dance buddies that are younger than me, and are very mature..

Anyway.. Whats the youngest you'd date? What's the oldest?
Ever notice how when you hit a certain age, no one seems to care so much about age anymore? You just have to be old enough.. lol

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