Monday, October 18, 2010

I whip my hair back and forth!

Let me start this off with Will Smith's daughters latest hit "Whip my hair" she has a video for it now! YEEES!

oh man.. so this past weekend, I met some of my favorite dancers! I was watching them in their rehearsal for the FootLoose movie that they're working on.. Tucker Barkley, Laura Edwards, Joshua Allen.. AMAZING dancers. I made sure I broke out of my little shell to speak to them briefly face to face. I don't know why I get so shy sometimes lol.
--I've posted many times about Tucker and Laura, but if you don't know who Joshua is.. this is him

But yeah while watching them rehearse, all of us "underdog" dancers (lol!) were on the other side of the two-way mirror like "UGH why arent we in there!? We can do that stuff too!" dude.. it can eat you alive when you're so hungry for something, yet can't get your hands on it just yet. But as I told them: "That'll be us one day." I'm patient, yet I am so ready to get signed as a dancer. I train hard, I take all styles of dance, have a "look" that works for me, I'm staying in shape.. I want it so bad. But something that a dancer must keep in mind: Just because youre "signed" to an agency does not mean that you'll get work lol.. thats a whole different story dude.

OK so I am being pushed to grow even moreso as a dancer... in the workstudy program that I'm in at the dance studio, we had a meeting yesterday and come to find out, they want us to choreograph a dance, and teach it to the other workstudy members! Mind you, I don't consider myself to be a choreographer.. I can do it if I need to, but the last time I did that was a whiiile ago lol. But, me and one of my dance buddies might become a pair and teach together :] Cedric is a well rounded dancer just as I am, we have an eye for the same styles of dance, and to top it off.. we are both such passonate people striving for the same things in dance. So the idea of me and him working together, and putting our styles together is very exciting! Oh.. and guess what? We were told that theyre rating our teaching skills to see if we have potential to be on the sublist or to even have our OWN class at Got2Dance! YAYYY!

Last but not least... I have 2 shows this week! I hope to see your face :]

Monday, October 11, 2010

quick post: faced my fear

well.. I've never been the type of person to be afraid of dogs, or any other animals.. simply because I love them.
--But today, while I was walking up to my door from the mall... I heard a loud bark followed by huge pounding steps coming towards me fast. ::heart drops instantly:: and the first thing that I thought was "oh my goodness, it's that guys dog from downstairs" dude... this dog is HUGE. The guy told us that he's half pitbull and half mastiff.. but to me, he looks like he's 100% mastiff.
He looks a lot like this mastiff, but he's all chocolate brown

So when I saw this dog running up the stairs towards me, I had to think fast...

1.) RUN!! lol but the dog would've caught me and that would've really made him want to attack me
2.) If I stay still and ignore him, will he go away?
3.) Act normal

here I am clinching my bags and trying my best to remain calm.. yet thinking to myself "This dog is about to bite my hands off" lol. So I started talking to him in my sweet voice (that pets love lol), just as I do with my dog.
"Well hello baby!! Awww thats a sweet boy" hahaha. He was wagging his tail once he saw me, but honestly.. seeing a dog that big charging towards me didn't look like anything good.
Dude once I made it indoors... my hands were shaking like crazy and my heart was pounding lol. I don't like the idea of being afraid of a dog like that, so I came back outside with doggy treats... yes I was being bold lol

I opened the door, made kissy sounds to get him to come to me.. and once again, I hear him barking, then my heart drops lol.
when he came to me, he gobbled the treats down fast. I wanted to let him take it out of my hand, but he almost bit my fingers with that huge mouth, so I threw them instead and then pet him for a while :]

I know this post was random.. but there are so many people that are deathly afraid of animals, and wouldve seriously freaked out in that situation. Keep in mind, all big dogs are not out to attack you, they can sense your energy so it's best to try to remain at ease as much as possible.

I wanted to speak more, but it's time for me to get in bed..
hope you all had a lovely day :]

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rihanna video? Kanye performance?

out of control lol..
my co-worker showed Rihanna's video to me while I was at work
"Have you seen the video? It's her and another girl all over each other" lol
I have no idea if this is brand new?.. I hardly ever watch tv.

Is it just me or does the beat sound a lot like Chris Brown's song "Deuces"?

and then.. my sister showed this Kanye performance to me, he used a lot of technical dancers.. which made it look amazing.. heck I just watched them the whole time lol.

So anyway, I went to LUSH like last week and bought a few items.. I love that place more and more everytime I make a purchase lol.

I bought the dark-angels cleanser for my oily skin and the mange-too massage bar that smells so good
can you say "Amazing"!?
Dude, click the links or go into a Lush store, and watch how easily you'll be in love

Yesterday, I hung out a lot! I went out to eat with some of my co-workers (hate that I didn't take photos!), then had lunch with Nate.

Had Mexican food, which I'm about to eat my left overs lol... so good.

He just kept making retarded faces.. he said that the sun was in his eyes lol!

 I haven't seen this boy in a lonnng time! Me, him and a few others used to have a dance crew in Savannah, and then me and him moved to Atlanta together for the first year. But it was cool to catch up outside of the texting and random phone calls here and there.
-- then I hung out with a new buddy thats also one of my customers at my job lol.. no photos for that either : / but we will catch it next time!
As you all should know, I have a show coming up.. (so save your money now!)

 I checked the computer at the dance studio to see how many classes I took for the month of Sept. it said 20! and thats not even including the rehearsals lol. So for this month, my goal is to take more than 20 classes :]

This is random but... For whatever reason, I've been taking more and more photos of what I've been eating lol

At a cafe by myself..

Out eating at this amazing Italian restaurant by myself... again lol
I left the dance studio and figured "Hm.. I'm gonna stop and eat at Figo before I go home" mind you, I had just eaten like not even 2 hours before that, and I still finished my food haha. So good!

My last thought to post..
Remember how I talked about how I've dyed my hair so many times? and that I've been trying to stay away from it? Well.. I've come to the conclusion that, if I dye it, I will just dye a small part of the front red lol. I'm a dancer/performer.. I have to keep my "look" fresh. I do miss my dark hair though, and I'm still cutting off my golden ends to get back to it.. but as far as dying my whole head again?
I don't see that coming.. unless I plan to cut it all off after that haha.