Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Your Passion?

So thats the flyer for the show! Come watch me and lots of other great dancers perform, you will be touched :]

anywaaay last weekend was amazing, full of dancing, and spending time with other dancers and stuff.. I spoke to Sean Bankhead, met a few LA dancers too.. then we actually did a run through of the show for next month, and all of the other dancers were sitting there watching while everyone performed their pieces! When I tell you, everyone was so nervous lol... everyones dance routines are still a work in progress, but I worked myself up for no reason, because it ended up being cool...

Here's another headshot that I will be using.

Yesterday, I had a meeting about my internship at the dance studio... Jessica just wanted to check up on me, see how my training was going, and also to see if she could help improve the direction of my dance career. She advanced all of my classes when she found out how well I was doing in the advanced ones lol, and then asked me "Are you a signed dancer?" she told me that it's time to get signed.. and started to make some phone calls for me :]
I'm so glad that I have someone like her around, she's like my dance manager lol

I'm relaxing today, one of my co-workers wanted to take my shift, so I figured  I'd use the day to get some rest :] I'm about to soak in the tub, my body is soooore.. even my toes are sore from ballet!! --Whatever those bones are on the top of your foot... they ache lol. Ballet is no joke..

OK I have to end this now, I'm about to go to the movies shortly... but I'm gonna try to post during the weekends, thats when I have the most free time.

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