Monday, July 5, 2010

I didn't forget about you!

it's been a long time.. we shouldnt have left you.. without a dope beat to step to.
lol I used to love that video.
Anywaaay.. yeah I've been busy, working, on the hunt as usual trying to figure out my next major move.
And then I had a little break weekend before last when some of my family came to visit.

My new cousin married in to the family on left, with her daughter (my 2nd cousin) my aunt in the middle and then thats my mother on the right with our dog Prancer lol.

Me, thats my cousin Clarence and my middle sister Andrea


It's funny how my new cousin Sue is asian, yet she looks like shes related to my family anyway lol.

Me and monique
..why do I look so muscular lol

ANYWAY.. so I'm glad that my last post had some good points in it to catch some eyes.. thats what I was going for. Me and both of my older sisters have been posting a lot of things like that, basically just trying to get people to do their own research, you know?

I had a photoshoot a few days ago with Brian Childress, here's a photo or two

We shot in an abandoned paint factory, there was art on every wall!
These photos were about.. muscle tone and lines.
--By the way, as I've mentioned before..
I have a second blog now, which is all about photos that touch me in different ways.
You can follow me there too just to see where my mind is lol.

and last but certainly not least.. yesterday, I stumbled upon a few videos talking about Tupac.
I dont know about you all, but I was pretty young when he died, I knew of him as a rapper, and when I did hear him speak he was always angry about something lol.
Yet when I watched these videos, I got to see a different side of him. I know he mentioned these topics in his music, but to hear him really voice his opinion.. it was quite impressive.
I was instantly touched by the person that he was.. a very smart man, he knew what he was talking about. I watch in awe just hearing him speak on these topics.

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