Tuesday, July 20, 2010

82 Years Young

2 days ago, it was my grandmother's 82nd birthday!
 "82nd or 83rd, but I think it's my 82nd"
--as she told me on the phone hahaha

On my mother's side of the family, we call our grandmother "Muh" it's short for "Mother" so my aunts and uncles call her Muh too, or Mother.

(left to right) My mother, my aunt Monique, my aunt Colette, my cousin Terra, Muh, and my aunt Camilla
..mind you, my grandmother had 9 kids, 7 girls, 2 boys, and only one of my aunts have passed away..
so there's many faces missing

My cousin Terra and Muh.

I think that's so amazing to live so long.. and still be able to enjoy your date of birth.
I plan to do this, I want to age with grace..
I won't get depressed with time passing.. it's LIFE :]
I will just take care of myself.
Keep active, stay in good shape, and eat well!

Did you know that being in love helps your health?..Yup!

Speaking of birthdays.. did you all hear about the African couple that gave birth to a white baby?
Everyone was saying "white" because they were in such shock with how the baby looked.
She didn't have the "normal"albino features.
Read the story here!

I haven't really given an update on myself lately (or so it seems)
because I've been talking on bigger topics lately.
But I'm just shuffling around trying to make moves. My dance training has been paying off even more so lately. Going to the studio so often for class is seriously doing me some good!
Sooo my goal is to get picked up by an agency this year
I feel like this is a very strong possiblity :]
If I get signed to the agency that I have in mind (I won't say the name lol) 
 it will help me with the next move that I have in mind to move to New York :]
This agency has an office here in Atlanta, one in NY, and another one in LA.. and of course the NY and LA ones are wayyy better and would to open way more doors for me.

So theres a little of what I am working towards.. here's some more photos from the shoot that I had with Brian a few weeks ago

And I want to thank you all so much for visiting my blog,
especially the ones that have subscribed and visit me often.
 By all means, shoot me an email or leave me a comment with your blog links
(as some of you have been doing) or links to your twitter and stuff..
I'm interested in knowing who cares to follow my blog lol.
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