Saturday, July 31, 2010

trying to get out

So I've been doing a better job of not shutting myself off from everyone, I'm moreso a loner.. but it's not really by choice, it kind of just happens that way when your schedule is so full. Not only that, but I'm a firm believer of having personal time for thyself :] After not being in a relationship for such a long time, I pretty much had no choice but to get comfortable with doing things solo lol.. as much as it sucks sometimes but yeah haha.

I haven't hung out with Sydne since like 2008... I saw her once at the park last year, but now.. we are back in contact.

So funny that we both were wearing stonewashed skinnys lol

Then just posing and taking photo after photo in the restaurant lol.

She's a singer/song writer and anytime I talk about her to someone, I always have to stress how amazing her voice is. Like all jokes aside, and not because shes a friend of mine, but I really do believe that she is going to make it big one day.

Follow her on twitter @sydnerenee 
She doesn't have the song posted that I mainly wanted to share with you all.. but  here's one of her songs :]
IN A DAZE produced Sladedamonsta by Sydne Renee'

So lastnight, me and L'Oreal went to the movies to see SALT, its with movie with Angelina Jolie.. it was very good! It's so funny to me how they go over board in movies.. just so many out of control situations happen and I'm sitting there like "come on now, thats impossible" lol


I went to a dance event today with my sister and saw a lot of amazing dancers perform. Of course I networked and all of that good stuff. I saw a lot of my dance buddies from the African American Dance Review, and the dance studio too.

Here's Swagger Crew performing out there.. whoever did the video mustve been like right beside me cause I keep hearing my "YEEESSS!" or "WHEEEEW!" lmao they were very close to the stage.. but you at least get the idea of how AMAZING they are. FYI Jessica Phoenix (the girl with the big hair) thats one of my dance buddies.. I look up to her as a dancer :]

My sister really wanted a photo with Bryan from Remote Kontrol.. she got the whole crew and him lol.

Bryan has scoliosis, but despite his condition.. he's still able to dance. He's an amazing dancer, and on top of it he's such a cool down to earth guy. 
Watch their mouthdropping performance.

At the dance studio, one of the choreographers made up some choreography to this song, I never actually liked it until that hahaha. I just saw this video for the first time this yesterday morning... whoa... I want someone to feel like this for me

oh yeah... if you wanna see another amazing dancer. His name is Chaz Buzan

I think thats all I wanted to share with you all for now lol.
Umm.. tomorrow, there's a dance audition... I'm trying to make it, but it's not official yet. So we will see what happens!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

82 Years Young

2 days ago, it was my grandmother's 82nd birthday!
 "82nd or 83rd, but I think it's my 82nd"
--as she told me on the phone hahaha

On my mother's side of the family, we call our grandmother "Muh" it's short for "Mother" so my aunts and uncles call her Muh too, or Mother.

(left to right) My mother, my aunt Monique, my aunt Colette, my cousin Terra, Muh, and my aunt Camilla
..mind you, my grandmother had 9 kids, 7 girls, 2 boys, and only one of my aunts have passed away..
so there's many faces missing

My cousin Terra and Muh.

I think that's so amazing to live so long.. and still be able to enjoy your date of birth.
I plan to do this, I want to age with grace..
I won't get depressed with time passing.. it's LIFE :]
I will just take care of myself.
Keep active, stay in good shape, and eat well!

Did you know that being in love helps your health?..Yup!

Speaking of birthdays.. did you all hear about the African couple that gave birth to a white baby?
Everyone was saying "white" because they were in such shock with how the baby looked.
She didn't have the "normal"albino features.
Read the story here!

I haven't really given an update on myself lately (or so it seems)
because I've been talking on bigger topics lately.
But I'm just shuffling around trying to make moves. My dance training has been paying off even more so lately. Going to the studio so often for class is seriously doing me some good!
Sooo my goal is to get picked up by an agency this year
I feel like this is a very strong possiblity :]
If I get signed to the agency that I have in mind (I won't say the name lol) 
 it will help me with the next move that I have in mind to move to New York :]
This agency has an office here in Atlanta, one in NY, and another one in LA.. and of course the NY and LA ones are wayyy better and would to open way more doors for me.

So theres a little of what I am working towards.. here's some more photos from the shoot that I had with Brian a few weeks ago

And I want to thank you all so much for visiting my blog,
especially the ones that have subscribed and visit me often.
 By all means, shoot me an email or leave me a comment with your blog links
(as some of you have been doing) or links to your twitter and stuff..
I'm interested in knowing who cares to follow my blog lol.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I wanna do it

So remember when I posted Erykah Badu's video "Window Seat"? I don't know if you all have ever watched the video that she got the nudity idea from... pretty amazing, that would be fun lol. Here it is!

Theirs was def. about liberation... but Erykah was going for more reason, more in depth about the situations that we face today. Yet people were so stuck on her being nude, they didn't even get the main message lol.

So some weeks ago, I was watching some old SoulTrain shows on tv (with Camcast cable, they actually have a channel that plays everything from the 70s..amazing!)
I wish I was around during this time, which reminds me of what this older man told me recently: "You remind me of someone from the 1970s, that hair... you would've loved it during those times, we enjoyed life and we weren't doing all of that killing like we're doing today"

It's a shame I wasn't around.. I so would've been on the SoulTrain hahaha. Just look at the clothes, the hair, how everyone is thinner, how EVERYONE is dancing even if they can't do it very well lol. Did you all see when that guy on the right got hit in his head at 1:34!? lmao!

Here's another one.. I just love how good it makes me feel to watch these, it's amazing to see everybody enjoying themselves like this. People always ask me how did I learn how to dance (it's a funny question to me) but it's 100% natural... I simple just move my body when I hear a beat, just like these people are doing.. anyone can do it!

I've been feeding my brain daily. Really studying the past history of my people and a lot of the extra bs lies that have been added on over the years to cover the truth.. hence, the videos I've been posting. I had a photoshoot this past weekend with Tyree... and he enlightened me.
He said he took notice to everything that I've been posting, and figured I was ready for some deeper information lol..
He showed me this DVD (i didnt watch it all but i will) it's a documentary with the speaker named Ashra Kwesi ...Ahh theres so much information that has been thrown in the trash can, and here I am digging through it trying to piece it together. It is really crazy how many sources you have to pull from just to get SOME sort of facts, or to at least be a step closer to the truth lol.

Tyree Spencer.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I didn't forget about you!

it's been a long time.. we shouldnt have left you.. without a dope beat to step to.
lol I used to love that video.
Anywaaay.. yeah I've been busy, working, on the hunt as usual trying to figure out my next major move.
And then I had a little break weekend before last when some of my family came to visit.

My new cousin married in to the family on left, with her daughter (my 2nd cousin) my aunt in the middle and then thats my mother on the right with our dog Prancer lol.

Me, thats my cousin Clarence and my middle sister Andrea


It's funny how my new cousin Sue is asian, yet she looks like shes related to my family anyway lol.

Me and monique
..why do I look so muscular lol

ANYWAY.. so I'm glad that my last post had some good points in it to catch some eyes.. thats what I was going for. Me and both of my older sisters have been posting a lot of things like that, basically just trying to get people to do their own research, you know?

I had a photoshoot a few days ago with Brian Childress, here's a photo or two

We shot in an abandoned paint factory, there was art on every wall!
These photos were about.. muscle tone and lines.
--By the way, as I've mentioned before..
I have a second blog now, which is all about photos that touch me in different ways.
You can follow me there too just to see where my mind is lol.

and last but certainly not least.. yesterday, I stumbled upon a few videos talking about Tupac.
I dont know about you all, but I was pretty young when he died, I knew of him as a rapper, and when I did hear him speak he was always angry about something lol.
Yet when I watched these videos, I got to see a different side of him. I know he mentioned these topics in his music, but to hear him really voice his opinion.. it was quite impressive.
I was instantly touched by the person that he was.. a very smart man, he knew what he was talking about. I watch in awe just hearing him speak on these topics.