Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surprising news

So I heard that American Apparel is going out of buisness. What? Is this information true? 
CONFIRMED it is true. AAClosing (thanks Josh)
Although I havent shopped there in a long time.. it's certainly one of my favorite places. 
My last swimsuit came from there.

Ugh they have amazing dance wear... with that being said: They're bringing their flea market to Atlanta, Georgia this weekend

Yeah what a discount.. cause everybody knows that American Apparel is a bit expensive. So if you have the time.. go check it out. Just my luck, I will be missing it :[

Adding onto my blogging life, I made a Tumblr account months ago... yet didn't use it really, but I decided now that I will just reblog great photos whenever I see them.
Dude... like I've been caught up in my own thoughts lately.. just taking stuff in.. analyzing stuff that has been going on.. not tweeting as much. But I turn my laptop on, and go to Tumblr for hours just to view numerous photos that people have posted.. as a matter of fact thats where I got my main photo from.
--if you ask me, it's like an updated Flickr
(i'm just not noticing how theyre both spelled!! lol i guess it really is!?)
There are so many times that I see a striking photo, yet don't want to post it on my blogspot blog because it would really just be that photo..
so now, I will do short, straight to the point posts on Tumblr..
and also advertise this blog there of course :]
you can follow me if you're there

I told myself I wasn't going to post about these two.. but after seeing many bloggers talking about it, I got curious and started googling lol.

Sessilee Lopez (age:21 height:5'10")                                                 

Wendell Lissimore (age:23 height: 6'1")

What an attractive couple they make.

Is it just me or do they favor? lol
So they're both big supermodels.. and have a relationship together. I don't know about you all, but to me it would seem like a big deal to date someone that does the same thing as I do.
Not saying it's a bad thing, but it seems like it can be a bit much maybe?
Like I honestly could not imagine dating a dancer.. being that, thats what I do.

Eh who knows... but I would love to have someone that I could take photos with like these two 
I love it when real emotions are captured between lovers :]
aw.. maybe one day lol

Have you all seen LadyGaga's new video? I actually havent seen it yet, but I'm pretty sure it's got some dark out of control stuff in it lol... I will watch it later today maybe, but here it is

 I shall leave you with an amazing Spanish song.
I've been studying my Spanish like crazy lately, and found a buddy on to help me even more. Here's one of the songs that he sent me.

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