Thursday, June 3, 2010


As a Black American, African-American, AFRO-American...
I do not call myself or anyone of African decent, the word "nigga"
 I was not raised using that term as though it was normal (thank goodness)
It's almost as though people do not know that nigger, negro, and nigga are all the same thing..
people just pronounce them differently.

Now what made me get on this topic is that I was talking to a close friend lastnight (Blake..who is white by the way) and told him that I got counted into the 2010 Census. Then mentioned how I was thinking about checking "Other" because of the simple fact that it included the word NEGRO.

When I saw that (and notice how they shortened the word American just so they could add NEGRO?), I looked at Tukee, who was an African girl counting me into the Census and said, "Umm.. why the heck did they put 'negro' on this?" of course I wasn't expecting her to give me a knowing answer lol.. but she shook her head and said "I know, same thing I said.. many people have mentioned it too"

The only reason why I checked that box is because I would've felt as though I wasn't being true to my race by saying I was something else other than black.
They know good and well that black people do not refer to themselves as negro (unless youre old as dirt?)But seriously? Negro? It is 2010! And why is it that the black race are the only ones that get an offensive term to related to them on that form?

If you aren't black and you don't understand, do you want someone seriously referring to you as a:
 cracker, chink, oreo, wetback, gook, nazi, greaseball, dothead etc?
I doubt it very seriously.

--Then, me and Blake got on the topic of how so many black people use the word "nigga" when referring to themselves and other black people. He basically told me that from the outside looking in, it can be misleading to other people. Which I understand in a sense, but everyone knows that it's not okay to call someone that.

Furthermore, I thought to myself "hmm.. I wonder if NIGGA is in the dictionary" and look at what I found

Are you serious? I was in such shock, I laughed.. yet surely didn't see anything cute about it. 
Even Blake was shocked to see what it said and he's not even black!
With that being said, come on people.. us black people should NOT use this word, we are not helping the situation at all.. in fact, we are making others think that we are FINE with being called that. 
Sure it's in rap songs, sure people say it jokingly..
but when it's said seriously, why would you even want to call yourself that?
--- and to think that I DID check that stupid box lol.. ugh!
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