Sunday, June 20, 2010

Universal Mind Control

OK I need you all to open your eyes.
I will start this post off by stating that I am certainly no expert on this topic, but I am nooo fool when seeing this stuff on tv.

Do you know what illuminati symbolism is?
Well, if you have no idea about this topic, please do your research because I'm only going to mention a small portion of this, from which I have been noticing even moreso within the music entertainment industry, and I'm only gonna mention a FEW names.
Here's a blog that gives a good/fast breakdown here is another good one.. but longer

I know someone that has done all of his homework on Free Masonry (google if you don't know who this powerful group is), he knows about Skull and Bones, and a lot of the different symbolisms in these groups etc.  He is actually the one who has informed me overtime about a lot of this stuff.

YET he found the music industry part to be a bit far fetched.. which was surprising to me, because it is pretty.. obvious to say the least.

Remember in my last post, I posted that Alejandro video from Ladygaga? Well, I watched it later that day, and boy oh boy was I right about the dark stuff. Watch this small video snipet.. and be sure to also look at the face at :15-:17 in there. That bs was scary to me hahaha

"ALEJANDRO=defender and protector of man(GOD).
FERNANDO=ardent for peace and bravery(JESUS).
ROBERTO=bright and shining(HOLY SPIRIT).
Incorporated this into the lyrics:
"Don't call my name don't call my name Alejandro(God)"
"I'm not your Babe (child) I'm not your Babe (child)Fernando(Jesus)"
"Don't call my name don't call my name Roberto(Holy Spirit)"
In the Bible, the word "Babe" is used in place of "child". Exodus 2:6
LADY GAGA = ILLUMINATI :\ " -YouTube member comment.

Someone else made a comment on that video and said "Can't say if this is satanic stuff, but there is certainly some heavy meaningful symbolism here"

Wouldn't you agree?

Then like last weekend, I was up early in the morning eating my breakfast.. and figured "Hm.. I never catch any new videos on TV.. let me see which new videos are out" Then the first video to come on was Christina Aguilera's new song (I dont know the name of it but yeah..) I instantly noticed the black and white video bondage, covered heads etc and thought "aw man.. they got her too." lol she is not the same Christina.

If you watch Beyonce's video Diva, Lady Gaga's video Paparazzi, or Rihanna's video Disturbia sure they're all completely different videos, but they have some of the same concepts if you LOOK for them. One of the things that I noticed a while ago was the robot stuff, the mannequins, or random fake body parts. Actually, I noticed the mannequins/body parts being on stage while LadyGaga and Rihanna were performing on tv (it was their concert, both at seperate times too)

I just happened to stumble across this video lastnight (when I started typing this blog lol)

Most of the people in the world are used to living their everyday life just as the next person does so blindly. Which by the way, thats what Lady Gaga's cool cigarette shades were referring to.. you can't see clear through the haze.

But little do people know, the powerful ones that are running this world do not have hopes of good health and success for us, it is the complete opposite.. they're trying to kill us off in the worst way. This includes EVERYBODY all politicians etc. They aren't apart of the same groups, but they are all working together... if you had no idea.
which reminds me to make this special announcement: I do not trust anyone with great power in this world.. they can not be trusted.. the government hides too much bs from us. I voted for the first time during the last election (I was finally old enough) but that was my first, and LAST time lol.. I am no longer interested in voting for these snakes running the world.

They know how HUMAN BEINGS work.. down to an extreme science..
There is a reason why the volume on your TV gets so loud during those fastfood commercials etc.

OFF TOPIC: But someone told me that there has been talk about putting an actual sense of smell in commercials when they come on!? lmao wtf?! So if you see a Burger King commercial, you'd be able to smell it lol. I wonder if that's true. If so,  oh my goodness they'll be setting us up even better... for FAILURE.

We need to have a good grip on WHO WE ARE as individuals, because if not, you too (if not already) will be brainwashed. I'm not saying don't listen to these artists music, although that would be a great idea lol.. but if you're someone like me (a dancer) you'll hear this music everyday.. it is impossible to NOT hear. But I'm just saying, don't let these people influence your life and who you are as a person. If I hear one more girl call herself a BARBIE ..I'm gonna shoot myself, thanks to Nicki Minaj. Oh... and you might wanna stop WASTING your money on their CD's and seeing them in concert : /


There are a lot of these artists out there that will do anything for the limelight. I'm not saying that ALL of this stuff is 100% true, but it is certainly enough information on the internet to know that something negative is happening, heck you can look at the whole world and see that!

I'm eager to see whos gonna be the person to tell me that this stuff means nothing lol.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surprising news

So I heard that American Apparel is going out of buisness. What? Is this information true? 
CONFIRMED it is true. AAClosing (thanks Josh)
Although I havent shopped there in a long time.. it's certainly one of my favorite places. 
My last swimsuit came from there.

Ugh they have amazing dance wear... with that being said: They're bringing their flea market to Atlanta, Georgia this weekend

Yeah what a discount.. cause everybody knows that American Apparel is a bit expensive. So if you have the time.. go check it out. Just my luck, I will be missing it :[

Adding onto my blogging life, I made a Tumblr account months ago... yet didn't use it really, but I decided now that I will just reblog great photos whenever I see them.
Dude... like I've been caught up in my own thoughts lately.. just taking stuff in.. analyzing stuff that has been going on.. not tweeting as much. But I turn my laptop on, and go to Tumblr for hours just to view numerous photos that people have posted.. as a matter of fact thats where I got my main photo from.
--if you ask me, it's like an updated Flickr
(i'm just not noticing how theyre both spelled!! lol i guess it really is!?)
There are so many times that I see a striking photo, yet don't want to post it on my blogspot blog because it would really just be that photo..
so now, I will do short, straight to the point posts on Tumblr..
and also advertise this blog there of course :]
you can follow me if you're there

I told myself I wasn't going to post about these two.. but after seeing many bloggers talking about it, I got curious and started googling lol.

Sessilee Lopez (age:21 height:5'10")                                                 

Wendell Lissimore (age:23 height: 6'1")

What an attractive couple they make.

Is it just me or do they favor? lol
So they're both big supermodels.. and have a relationship together. I don't know about you all, but to me it would seem like a big deal to date someone that does the same thing as I do.
Not saying it's a bad thing, but it seems like it can be a bit much maybe?
Like I honestly could not imagine dating a dancer.. being that, thats what I do.

Eh who knows... but I would love to have someone that I could take photos with like these two 
I love it when real emotions are captured between lovers :]
aw.. maybe one day lol

Have you all seen LadyGaga's new video? I actually havent seen it yet, but I'm pretty sure it's got some dark out of control stuff in it lol... I will watch it later today maybe, but here it is

 I shall leave you with an amazing Spanish song.
I've been studying my Spanish like crazy lately, and found a buddy on to help me even more. Here's one of the songs that he sent me.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


As a Black American, African-American, AFRO-American...
I do not call myself or anyone of African decent, the word "nigga"
 I was not raised using that term as though it was normal (thank goodness)
It's almost as though people do not know that nigger, negro, and nigga are all the same thing..
people just pronounce them differently.

Now what made me get on this topic is that I was talking to a close friend lastnight (Blake..who is white by the way) and told him that I got counted into the 2010 Census. Then mentioned how I was thinking about checking "Other" because of the simple fact that it included the word NEGRO.

When I saw that (and notice how they shortened the word American just so they could add NEGRO?), I looked at Tukee, who was an African girl counting me into the Census and said, "Umm.. why the heck did they put 'negro' on this?" of course I wasn't expecting her to give me a knowing answer lol.. but she shook her head and said "I know, same thing I said.. many people have mentioned it too"

The only reason why I checked that box is because I would've felt as though I wasn't being true to my race by saying I was something else other than black.
They know good and well that black people do not refer to themselves as negro (unless youre old as dirt?)But seriously? Negro? It is 2010! And why is it that the black race are the only ones that get an offensive term to related to them on that form?

If you aren't black and you don't understand, do you want someone seriously referring to you as a:
 cracker, chink, oreo, wetback, gook, nazi, greaseball, dothead etc?
I doubt it very seriously.

--Then, me and Blake got on the topic of how so many black people use the word "nigga" when referring to themselves and other black people. He basically told me that from the outside looking in, it can be misleading to other people. Which I understand in a sense, but everyone knows that it's not okay to call someone that.

Furthermore, I thought to myself "hmm.. I wonder if NIGGA is in the dictionary" and look at what I found

Are you serious? I was in such shock, I laughed.. yet surely didn't see anything cute about it. 
Even Blake was shocked to see what it said and he's not even black!
With that being said, come on people.. us black people should NOT use this word, we are not helping the situation at all.. in fact, we are making others think that we are FINE with being called that. 
Sure it's in rap songs, sure people say it jokingly..
but when it's said seriously, why would you even want to call yourself that?
--- and to think that I DID check that stupid box lol.. ugh!