Monday, May 31, 2010

Stop acting like

you DON'T miss me. I miss you..

When you don't express true emotions that need to be said and heard,
you'll one day look back with many could've, should've, would've(s) in mind
And usually by the time you realize the mistake, it is unfortunately.. too late.

true story.

 anyway, lots of things have been going on, old news, new news.. interesting stuff. 
my life is always all over the place..
so I'm starting to map out a new game plan as to what's gonna happen next.

I went to sleep with a lot on my mind, woke up with even more on my mind..
then figured I needed to blog and get some of this energy recorded in writing
and through random photos that make me feel a certain way :]

I know this next one is blurry.
 My mother, daddy, and my oldest sister Sereda in the 1970s lol

Yesss Afros lol.

Oh..and to the one that was wondering about my name..
I am Vanisha, my mother named me so that my name would rhyme with hers lol (Elisha)
I didn't know that my name had a meaning until I was like 18. It means Pure, it's an Indian name.
 but they pronounce it va-NEE-sha.. thats not how I say my name it is VA-NI-SHA..
I use the same short "I" sound like in the word KISS lol
I guess I can thank my mother for giving me a more unique name over a common one
like 98% of the people that say my name.. will say it incorrectly

my afro is wild compared to how my mothers was in the 70s lol

Attempting to swallow the sun. I will.

..oh yeah, look at what I did to my nails this time..

Midnight black/purple, neon pink sides, white line, topped with glitter lol
Imma pro shawdy. (or so I try to tell myself lol)

DO YOU SEE THOSE SHORTS!? duuuude.. I am so gonna have my sister make me some lol
I fell in love with that photo

Then I got on facebook and started stealing photos from my friends/family pages lol

Me and my bestfriend Reisha.. we were 18

Duuude this photo is ultra old haha kanomi and lloyd

My little sister Jennifer and me.. she will be 17 in 2 days.

Then I got a facebook IM
Anja: My beautyyy                 (11:47am)

It was so nice to talk to Anja! She is now back in France. Then she called me on skype and the first thing she asked "So when are you coming to visit me" lol hopefully next year.

I'm gonna go make myself happy by eating sushi, I think the dance studio is closed on this holiday?
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