Wednesday, May 12, 2010

some fotos

This was me on my birthday.. big 23.. same wild hair nothing special :]

Then during my big day, I was just noticing random bits of beauty that made me happier

Then yesterday, I noticed the sun peaking from behind the trees.

Yesterday morning I actually took the time to go through alllllllll of my photos in my new phone, because I knew I had many and lots of memories in my gallery from my old phone.
There was over 1300 photos.
I've always loved taking them, and from what I noticed.. I'm not bad at it!
I deleted a lot of photos, I'm down to 1010 (a little more since I took some today lol) but I really should have posted a lot of those, reguardless of how many food photos there were, or photos of water hahaha
..I can't help it, I just enjoy taking photos :]

Here are some from weekend before last, me and Kanomi.. I look so tiny next to her since she has those heels on hahaha mind you, I'm 5'5" and shes 5'7" AT MOST

and Lloyd.. wannabe thug lol

Then more from that day... including the loud and over the top Antwan

Now that I'm looking at this photo.. was he touching my straw!? It looks like it : /
I don't know.. I was too busy posing.. as usual I'm camera ready lol
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