Saturday, May 8, 2010

Go Shawdy

It's my birthday.. we gon party cause it's my birthday.. we gon sip Bacardi cause it's my birthday..
and you know we don't give a F#@!, IT'S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY lol

hahaha... duuumb.. and for the record, I do not drink :]
I hung out by myself.. and enjoyed my day 110%.. 50+ birthday wishes

I was supposed to get a new piercing today but time wouldnt let me.. I will do it tomorrow.
--speaking of tomorrow: My manager is taking me out to eat tomorrow night because I won this contest at my job (yayyy for meee), and some of my guy co-workers are coming too.. should be a good time!

I dont know why my photos aren't loading : / I was gonna leave you with a few..guess not tonight.

I am 23... yeees grown lady! hahaha :]

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